This blog was created to be used with Educative purpose. Here we can find text, songs, pictures and others activities that can be shared with students of Anisio Teixeira´s School. So , I hope you enjoy and learn.

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quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011


É usado para:
a) expressar verdades universais. ou leis naturais.
 Ex: Metals expand if you heat them.
b) dar uma ordem ou instrução.
 Ex: Please call me if you have any problems.
c) First conditional - Essa construção é usada para falar de uma situação ou ação possível no futuro.
 Ex: If it doesn´t rain. I will go to the beach.


01. Complete to make the conditional senteces:
 1. if you need help,                            (    ) if you feel sick.
 2. if the bus doesn´t come soon.         (    ) if we get a visa.
 3. If he leaves work early.                  (    ) talk to the supervisor.
 4. she will call you                              (    ) if he loses his job.
 5. we will travel to the USA                (    ) if she needs your support.
 6. he won´t have money to travel         (    ) take a taxi.
 7. call a doctor                                    (    ) he will have time to eat before class.

           Good Luck!     Conscience is the best police!

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